Bad Customer Service-Expedia

Please pass this on! I am writing a letter, but think you all should hear this!!

 Today I called Expedia to rebook a flight I xcld when I broke my arm in Xmas of 06. Originally I was told that I had one year to rebook the flight with United. When I tried to rebook my flight last December online I was unable to change my companion’s name.

 I called Expedia customer service and was told that I would need to call United directly to do that and “Roxanne” gave me United’s number AND told me I had 18 months to rebook my flight. NOT 12mnths. I was very glad, thanked her and said I would rebook in spring.

 Today I called United, no one had any access to my info, so they told me to call Expedia. Well, a customer service agent named Jude said unfortunately my airline voucher had EXPIRED in December. I said that when I spoke with Expedia in December they told me I had 18mnths from the original reservation. Of course the helpful “Roxanne” had never looked up my reservation, so there was no record. I knew I was screwed out of more than $500.00 I asked to file a complaint with a supervisor.

 This is where it gets worse.

 I was told it would be 30 minutes. I said that was fine. I was not angry at this point just pissed and wanted to make sure they told employees to look up the CORRECT date from now on (I know no one would ever hear about it, but I just wanted to make a complaint for my $500+) Jude put me on hold came back and said there were no supervisors available. I said I would wait. Then Jude puts me on hold again. He comes back onto the line and says there is nothing a supervisor can do.

  I repeated that I just want to file a complaint,  he said to look up the customer service email. I said I wanted to wait and speak to a person. He then told me I COULD NOT speak to a supervisor. I NEVER have been told that!! I said that was ridiculous and (now I was irate) asked him S-L-O-W-L-Y if he knew what customer service was (he said yes) BUT INSISTED I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. I asked him if he was retarded. I actually said that. I know it is not very PC, but are you kidding???  So he said he was not retarded and put me on hold again.

  He came back on and offered me money toward next trip, I said I did not want the $25, but wanted to make a complaint to a supervisor.

 After some more holding he finally agreed to put me through to a supervisor, Corey Neuhofel. Corey gets on the line and before I can say anything, he says there is nothing he can do for me my airline tickets had expired. I said I was aware of this, but wanted to file a complaint about their customer service. First the girl Roxanne who made a mistake which cost me $500+ and now about Jude the retard.

 I said I had never in 30+ years been told I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR.


 I said he most certainly had.

 The supervisor said if Jude the retard had told me that- I wouldn’t be talking to him, and he was a supervisor.

 I said I most certainly had not made up the fact that his employee said I could not speak to a supervisor and it was only after I called Jude a retard and said I had worked at a toll free number-so I knew I COULD talk to the supervisor that I was offered money and finally a supervisor by Jude.

 The supervisor again insisted Jude hadn’t said that, otherwise I would not be speaking to him (the supervisor).

 I then asked where I could file a complaint because I was sooo livid. I said I had spent more than 30 minutes on the phone and it wasn’t about money (I knew I was screwed from the get-go) it was about customer service. The supervisor said it hadn’t been 30 minutes. I told him to check what time I had called. He came back on the line.

 He WAS right it was 50 minutes!!!!!


 Thanks guys,



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  2. Tony Says:

    i’VE BEEN TRYING TO CHANGE MY EXPEDIA TICKET FOR 30 HOURS straight NOW. Their telephone is not working- (perhaps they’ve left it off of the hook) Their ” so-called 24/7 email support ” is virtually non-existant. They told me they’d call me and I’ve been on standby for 20 hours straight and no call and no response to further emails.

    How’s that for customer service from one of the largest travel websites in the world? Wow guys, pat yourself on the back.

    P.S. Don’t call it 24 hour service/7 days a week when it isn’t;-)…How’s about we’ll get back to you no sooner that 24 hours but maybe in 7 days…if you’re lucky.

  3. sodevine Says:

    WOW! I have had lots of bad customer service stories about Expedia!! I have been using Travelocity, and a few other booking sites. I have booked 8 flights, 12 hotel stays and a vacation trip to Maui in this last year. I most certainly did NOT use Expedia! Good luck to all those who have written so far! I hope venting helped ease some of the grief caused by Expedia.

  4. Simon Poon Says:

    I will never book with expedia again. they f*** me over so many times. I talked with several customer supports all ending the same. then the f*** me over with my thank you point.

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  6. Thomas Rye Says:

    Ya, I can add to the list of people that have been screwed by Expedia. Luckily, mine wasn’t a lot of money, but still very aggravating.

    If you want to read more about my story, check it out:

    I usually don’t use Expedia… shouldn’t have changed my habit.

  7. James Says:

    Well, I was sort of screwed but did end up getting satisfaction by going to the airline that had my flight credits. It’s a long story and if you can bare to read it, go to

  8. Jerry Dishman Says:

    I booked a room and flight through Expedia to Cocoa Beach Florida. I requested a room on the ocean with a king size bed. I was charged extra for the ocean front room. When I arrived in Cocoa Beach my room was across the street from the ocean. When I complained they offered me a room on the ocean for another $127.00 I refused to pay any additional money. After many hours of my vacation time on the phone I was moved to a hotel on the ocean with three very large hotels blocking acess and my view. I requested a king size bed and was given two full size beds. I will never recommend or use Expedia again!

  9. jwrinn Says:

    customer for over 10 years, never again. had to change a reservation, should have taken 10 minutes max … 50 minutes later. Terrible terrible terrible. Done, will never use again.

  10. Ed Says:

    We have spent over two hours on hold with Expedia. They booked my wife on a flight back to the US via Vancouver Canada with a 1:15 minute connection. They sent an email saying urgent we must talk to you. They said she will never get through customs in time. This is true. But after an hour on hold they said nothing can be done. The next day they said they made a change but when we called again and wanted 1:30 hours more they said they did not and nothing can be done. Just miss the connection after 15 hours flying and then deal with it at the airport. This is their idea of customer service. It is your problem. Then today they send an email saying they were glad they could resolve the problem. Use anyone else. I also am bagging my Expedia credit card which is worthless in itself.

    We were talking to the call center in Cebu Philippines which is oddly where my wife will be flying to and from. There is no communication issue but they have to follow the script they are given and have no real power to change much.

  11. Cielito Says:

    Employee comments/reviews state that customers/clients should read the instructions before hitting the button, justifying non responsive/dismissive customer service. Mistakes happen even to the smartest of people, that is the essence of customer representative to be of help/assistance to travellers/clients in stressful, hazardous, distressful situation. But they don’t seem to get it, the representative sitting in their office repeating again and again that they understand your situation but doing nothing. I’d rather deal with a customer support, who is just maybe out there taking calls from his closet office or basement, but who can identify and provide resolution to the situation. One customer may not matter now, but bad customer reviews continue to trickle

  12. Amanda Says:

    I had a very similar experience they are the worst company ever I will never book through them again

  13. jodieemmett Says:

    OMG….I am so frustrated at the moment. I dont think I have ever come across a more unhelpful and recalcitrant company in all my life. My story….I realised immediately that I had wrongly booked some flights and have been trying for 24 hours to have this rectified. I sent an email that no one responded to, I rang and was disconnected three times. I finally got through on the phone (within the 24hr cancellation period) and have been shoved from person to person. Time has now run over the 24hr and they have refused to refund my flights.

    Do they have a blanket ‘will not help at any cost’ method of customer service? I am still on hold to speak to a superviser and I think they are hoping I will just go away. It has now been 20.14 minutes -arrggghhh.

  14. Violinlove Says:

    I booked a flight from LAX to JFK and called to cancel within 24 hours. When I was canceling, an agent told me that there is no need to cancel because the flight has been reserved but never booked. She told me that I do not have to worry a thing and it will be autatically canceled.

    Few days later, I get billed for my flight at the cost of $712.80. Very upset, I call expedia. They said that they cannot give me a refund. I ask why and they said that while reserving, I gave an wrong email adress so I never got the confirmation.

    Then I mentioned that an agent looked my flight up just by using my name and number and told me that I shouldn’t worry about canceling my flight.

    They said that they have no record of it and refused to give me a refund. I have been bounced off to 5 different people, total call time is about 2 hours, and the hold time
    Is more than an hour.


  15. A Mendoza Says:

    I have had the worst experience with Expedia ever, and I’ve been traveling for 40+ years.
    In October, 2012 I booked a vacation for my wife and I, SFOPVR, on Expedia. In November 2012, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. In early December 2012 I called Expedia and cancelle the trip due to a medical emergency. I was told I could request a refund by filling out some forms and faxing them to Expedia’s corporate office in Bellevue, WA.
    It’s now been almost 12 weeks since I faxed the forms for a refund, and still now response from Expedia. I’ve called them 3 times, and each time they’ve put me on hold for 30+ minutes, then they’ve disconnected my phone call.
    They are not responsive at all. They won’t respond to my calls, nor have responded to my fax requesting a refund.
    Don’t book your vacation using Expedia; they are the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with!

  16. Jeremy Says:

    I booked a round trip for two from Sydney to Europe via China in Business Class. The ticket was issued by Swiss International (SI). I wanted to change my flight from Istanbul to a few days earlier as I was worried about the recent unrest.
    At 0800hrs I attempted to do this online but there was no facility to do so.
    I telephoned Expedia and after a long wait the “travel expert” told me that Expedia could not change the booking and I would have to start the travel and then change it with the airline (SI).
    I telephoned the airline (SI) who told me that only the travel agent (Expedia) could change the flights before I started the trip and if there were seats available of a similar grade there would be a charge of Euro130 per ticket.

    I telephoned Expedia and was told that there were no flights available around the dates that I wanted.
    I telephoned SI and was told that there were flights available on the day that I wanted at the “P” grade business class fare and they could be changed for Euro 130 each. SI also gave me the flight numbers to give to Expedia.
    I telephoned Expedia who could not find the flights that SI had given me.
    I telephoned Expedia Sydney office at about 1030hrs and went to voice mail. I left a message that was apparently ignored.

  17. Rod Says:

    I recently booked a flight on Expedia and not having received an e mail confirmation, same story, I had to wait twenty minutes to talk to someone half a world away in Manilla and to cancel the booking I have to wait for a credit from the airline not Expedia! I am amazed how far some large companies think they can degrade their service before customers walk away.

  18. Esther Says:

    My cousin made flight reservations via Expedia for her honeymoon. They changed the flight schedule without her confirmation! What’s worse is that the changed schedule gave her so little time for customs. She had to talk to at least 6 different people until she could reschedule her flight.

    When she called the customer service, a guy picked up and said he will call her back but didn’t. So she called second time, and a lady answered and told her that customer service agents aren’t allowed to call back customers. It seems like they have different policies amongst themselves. No wonder they are so terrible!

  19. Mia Says:

    I have had one week nightmare with expedia. i received an email that i should contact the customer service urgently as my flights have been changed. i literally spent HOURS sitting on the phone trying to reach someone. having finally succeeded to talk to someone, i have been told my flight has been moved to the next day. so there i was, without accomodation for one night in manaus, brazil. they offered NO alternative, said they will look into it and call back. THEY NEVER CALLED BACK. so every day i repeat the same procedure: wait on the line for at least an hour, somebody finally answers, repeats to me the call log, i repeat the same story, they say they will call back with a solution. THEY NEVER DO. it has been 2 weeks now and i am so angry they are lucky they dont have offices.
    with such horrible customer service, i do not understand how they can still be number one company as a booking intermediate!

  20. John Says:

    I feel you. I am not sure why I have booked on a Tokyo hotel with them rejecting the application saying it was unsuccessful at the point of submission. Didn’t care much about it and when I reached back to SG, was so shocked that they actually approve of it when I checked my email.

    Called them and wasted one hour of my life with their pinoys customer service.. So furious that I swore never to use them again and would definitely advise friends too. Total loss was about usd190…

    Never use expedia guys, trust me because you as a paying customer deserve better treatment from their ridiculous service

  21. Paul Rosales Says:

    July 4-7 ,2014 I booked a flight and hotel room to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and when I clicked on confirm I got a message saying we hate this when this happens but the price has gone up, So I click on the revised rate and now I no funds to complete a transaction. Four days later there is still $617.96 missing from my account for tickets I wasn’t supposed to be able to purchase because the rate has gone up. So why did they take my money? My trip is ruined. I took the time off from work, I can’t get that time off again for another year. The supervisor on the support telephone line kept cutting me off and when I mentioned this to her she threatened to hang up on me which eventually she did when I asked her why she was being so rude. Then I ask her a question, I can’t even remember what it was she was silent. So I ask are you even there? She replies yes I am listening. Then if you were listening why don’t you answer my question? Then line went dead.

  22. Rob Says:

    same shit different day.. expedia canc elled all my flights and when I went to re book they said I was too late..
    I spent two hours earlier in the week not to cancel but re schedule !!!!!!!

    now I am stuck here .. waiting for another flight and to get back home on another ticket costing me double !!!!

    never ever again.. I spent 20k per year with expedia.. they will never get another dime

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