Bad Customer Service-Expedia « Bad Customer Service-Expedia is the worst

Bad Customer Service-Expedia « Bad Customer Service-Expedia is the worst

It is so bad it is funny.


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  1. joseph Mobilio Says:

    dealing with expedia’s customer service while here in mexico on a very expensive trip booked through expedia has made this vacation a nightmare
    I had only good expereinces in the past with expedia but for some reason once they received their money upfront they dont care about their customers anymore !!!!
    not even a returned email or call after multiple attempts to get help
    Moving on to another travel carrier
    disgruntled in Mexico

  2. Lostsum Says:

    Last Saturday, my friend booked a flight ticket and hotel from
    Expedia. Just today I’ve realized that the hotel she booked was out of
    the way so we called Expedia to cancel the original hotel, pay the $27
    cancellation fee, and booked another hotel within the city of
    Barcelona. After booking the new hotel we discovered a better price
    offer from the actual hotel itself, so we told Expedia customer
    service. Here’s Expedia’s “Best Price Guarantee”:

    “Expedia guarantees you’re getting the best price. If you should find
    a better price online for the same trip within 24 hours, Expedia will
    refund the difference—and give you a travel coupon worth $50.”

    And here are the reasons they provided for not following-thru:

    • Apparently $7.43 price difference is too low; therefore they refused
    to honor it. Customer service is not able to provide me with the
    “MINIMUM” required price difference or anywhere on their legal policy
    where this was stated. After I insists on seeing the legal document
    that state this, she finally told me she’s going to talk with her
    supervisor to get his sign-off to approve the difference.
    • A few minutes later, she came back with a new reason. Apparently, I
    “changed” my itinerary instead of “cancelled” the previous hotel and
    booked a new one. The 24hrs policy is only valid based on the original
    reservation, not “changed” reservation. Understood, so what’s the
    problem? When we called Expedia, we specifically asked to cancel the
    previous hotel reservation, paid the cancellation fee of $27, and paid
    a higher price for a new reservation at another hotel. So, I guess
    according to Expedia, the customer has to paid for their customer
    services’ screwed up.

    I asked to speak with the supervisor, but the supervisor never got on
    the phone. So instead I asked for Expedia corporate information so I
    could contact them directly and here’s what I’ve got (They wouldn’t
    give me a direct contact person):

    Expedia Travel
    PMB 290
    2897 North Druidhills Rd
    Atlanta, George 30329

  3. Tony Says:

    i’VE BEEN TRYING TO CHANGE MY EXPEDIA TICKET FOR 30 HOURS straight NOW. Their telephone is not working- (perhaps they’ve left it off of the hook?). Their ” so-called 24/7 email support ” is virtually non-existant. They told me they’d call me and I’ve been on standby for 20 hours straight and no call and no response to further emails.

    How’s that for customer service from one of the largest travel websites in the world? Wow guys, pat yourself on the back.

    P.S. Don’t call it 24 hour service/7 days a week when it isn’t;-)…How’s about we’ll get back to you no sooner that 24 hours but maybe in 7 days…if you’re lucky.

  4. tina Says:

    the worst company of the year i ve returnet tickets becouse i got see couldnt flight that day it was 3 month ago still fighting with them for refund
    exepidia i hope u ll go ba ncrupt

  5. Paul Says: customer service is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!! and i cannot find enough capital letters to express that!

    I have an itenerary through Iberia Airlines. The itenerary was not updated on and Iberia updated me with the correct itenerary which had short layover times. I called the first day (there will be several other days and still nothing resolved) and I was on hold for 3 hours THREE!!!! on my day off. That was the first call and at the end I was told to call the airline. The airline of course told me to call back because they didn’t do thebooking and it has to go through my travel agent; which makes perfect sense to me….ANOTHER 2 hours. I was placed on hold for a half hour just for the agent to figure out what is going on. I had to explain EVERYTHING AGAIN! There was no record of my previous call whatsoever. So 12 calls and 3 days later (that’s 12×1.5 hours average)…you do the math nothing still got resolved.

    Every single person I talk to (manager or not) are helpless and they only repeat the flight information. I swear I can tell exactly what they are going to do best….repeat the itenerary but NO RESOLUTION! phones gets disconnected, unfriendly stafff. I would never use them again EVER on any trip. If my trip costs me a little less upfront but costs me hell and skipping 3 days of work for it, it actually becomes more expensive!


  6. Ellis Young Says:

    Expedia experience today:

    I booked a flight from Denver to West Palm Beach for surgury on my hand. I paid for insurance in the event I needed extra time. When I asked for extra time, my answer was I had to call the insurance company, get a letter from my doctor and pay any difference in fees with the airlines. That is the expedia insurance plan I bought. Don’t ever pay for insurance it’s a scam.

    What a joke.

    I’ve done this with American Airlines with no insurance and they have charged me nothing with a change assuming the ride had open seats.

    That was my last booking with Expedia.

  7. Brian Says:

    I will never EVER deal with expedia again. I’ve spent a total of 3 hrs on the phone with customer service… which, by the way, can’t understand a simple request like “I would like my flight numbers please”. Guy kept babbling about the hotel being confirmed. I get it now gimme the stupid numbers. Took 20 mins for him to find them. So here goes the headache of booking with them and canceling and rebooking…

    I booked a flight and a partial hotel stay for a vacation at the beginning of May. Turns out it was the worst week to go so I had to cancel and move it to the end of May…. Should be no issues right? Wrong. They refunded my hotel (which was good) and gave me vouchers for AA and told me there is $150 rebooking fee per ticket. I definately wasn’t happy about that but I let it go. We had bought an excursion (We are 3 weeks out of actually leaving) and they told me I can’t be refunded on that. Ok I understand that’s your policy but that’s friggin stealing. I just paid for the idea of taking that excursion. I told the rep, the only english speaking rep I’ve been in contact with, I’d never use expedia again. She then told me she would give me a $100 coupon to use when I rebook. Ok that’s fair I thought I get to use it still. Total time on the phone 1hr.

    Called Hotwire to change the cruise and it was 10 mins and they had everything worked out for me…hmmmm….maybe I should have paid the higher prices for the other stuff.

    Now I’m ready to re-book about 2 weeks later. Called expedia up and gave them the info since you can’t use vouchers on the website. So I ask about the coupon and guess what….surprise there was no record of it. After arguing with the rep for literally 5 mins about it he told me he wasn’t gonna do anything about it. Now I’m ok if they told me that hey that’s our policy so deal with it but if you tell me I’m gonna get something I’m really not just to make me happy at the time that really makes me mad. I even asked the rep “so you are telling me that the other rep just told me that to get me to shut up and not complain?” to which his response was “I guess so. I dunno what to tell you cause that’s our policy and there’s nothing I can do”. Now granted I was mad….not yelling… just mad. But he came off like he didn’t care at all. I told him I wanted to talk to a manager and he responded “why? That’s our policy and he can’t do anything either”. I told him I didn’t care and I’ll go as far up as I have to to get this credit or my money back like they promised me. Surprisingly the mgr was quick and gave me the credit as soon as he got on the phone then accidentally transferred me to the vendor line instead of the reservations….so I had to call back. Total phone time 1hr 30 mins.

    When I called back I got yet another glowing rep that didn’t know how to speak or understand english. After putting the package together…which took 30 mins because I had to tell him flight numbers and the hotel and dates at least 10 times literally… he informs me that vouchers can’t be used with package deals. “You have to be kidding me right?”. Now normally I wouldn’t care cause I just wanted to get off the phone but I had to go through the same 30 min procedure just to book the flights. Now then I have the flights and I can do the hotel online without the incompetancy of customer service. BUT WAIT! I can save money by taking an earlier flight! He said my total would be $240 total if I switched even with the $150 per ticket fee (x2). Oh ok I thought… cool. So it takes him another 15 mins to book that flight. Whatever I’m done with the jokers now. Total phone time 2hrs 30 mins. So I look at my card statement and they charged me $300 bucks!? So they took another $60 bucks from me.

    I never write stuff like this I just deal with it and never go back but everyone needs to know what a nightmare this company is.

    Expedia re-booking cost $400
    Hotwire re-booking cost $0

  8. Mad Mom Says:

    We booked a Carnival cruise through Expedia** in June. Spent a long time on the phone with their agent (who coordinated closely with Carnival agent as we were placed on hold) so that we could get two cabins close together as we were a family of 5 traveling with 3 kids.

    On the day of the cruise, we learn that ONE of the two cabin reservations was cancelled. Supposedly because our credit card company denied the charge – although the payment for cabin #1 went through fine and our credit card company says there were no other payment requests made and said there had not been any denied charges.

    Neither Carnival (who put through the initial charge) nor Expedia bothered notifying us that a room had been cancelled.

    The day of our cruise departure we learned that myself and my daughter had no cabin, while my husband and two boys did have a cabin booked. We had flown from Florida to the West Coast to take the cruise out of San Diego, so talk about a dilemma. Had both been cancelled (and unpaid), we would have still been together as a family and figured out something else to do. But, with one cabin reserved and paid, we were left with very few options.

    Carnival did not offer to lift a single finger to help us – or show any concern at all that half of our reservation had been erroneously cancelled. They told us, “Sorry, we are completely sold out and there are no cabins available. Call your travel agent.” They didn’t even have the human decency to make an attempt to solve the problem at hand -> that the cruise was departing in a few hours and Mom and daughter were going to have to find someplace to stay in San Diego while Dad and boys cruised (wondering if Mom and daughter were OK). Great customer service, right?

    Expedia, although not super helpful either, was able to find a cabin on the cruise and, at least, get us on the ship. All the effort we went to to get our rooms together – lost. We were on different sides of the ship. And, we had to pay $420 more for the cruise and lost our $150 shipboard credits.

    So, we paid $570 more to Carnival PLUS had to deal with a bunch of stress during our “fun” vacation as dinner seating was messed up, we weren’t recognized as repeat guests, were help up trying to get on the ship as our newly made reservation couldn’t be found, etc…


    We are still to figure out who screwed this whole thing up. Now, we’ve been given the supposed “charge denied” code from Carnival and are calling our credit card company to see what the code means. I am suspecting someone fat-fingered the credit card number on the 2nd reservation (Carnival or Expedia – who knows?).

    How does only one of two cabins get cancelled? Aren’t these reservations tied together in any way? Since we gave our credit card number while placing the reservations over the phone with these agents, shouldn’t any issues have been noticed right away? Apparently not.

    Still to be determined is why we were NEVER notified. The Carnival agent said they sent an email to us directly, though revision of all email folders including Spam showed no email at all from either company regarding our cruise. Though, you think they’d call and/or send a letter due to the seriousness of the issue.

    I am absolutely shocked at the incompetence of these large companies. Carnival was “rewarded” for this situation by receiving $570 more from us for the cruise.

    Never again are we working with Carnival, any of their sister companies or Expedia.

    ** We actually booked through Sam’s Club Travel, but lo and behold there really is no Sam’s Club Travel. It is Expedia and all customer service calls go direct to Expedia.

  9. Lori Says:


    In re Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation, Case No. 05-2-02060-1 SEA
    (Superior Court of Washington in and for King County)



    If you booked a hotel stay through Expedia and paid “Tax Recovery Charges”
    and “Service Fees” during the period from January 10, 2001 through
    June 11, 2008, a proposed class action Settlement may affect your rights.

    Consumers of hotel stays through Expedia (“Plaintiffs”) filed a lawsuit against Expedia primarily concerning the bundled “Tax Recovery Charges” and “Service Fees” charged by Expedia when consumers book a hotel stay through Expedia’s website or telephone operators. The Plaintiffs alleged that, in its assessment of “Tax Recovery Charges” and “Service Fees,” Expedia (i) committed deceptive or unfair practices in violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”) from January 10, 2001 to June 11, 2008 and (ii) breached its contractual obligations from February 18, 2003 through December 11, 2006.

    There is a proposed Settlement on behalf of a nationwide class of consumers who booked hotel stays through Expedia from January 10, 2001 through June 11, 2008 and paid a “Tax Recovery Charge” and a “Service Fee.” If approved, the Settlement will provide for the distribution to Class Members of $123.4 million in cash payments and Expedia Settlement Credit that can be used for hotel reservations and “package” reservations that include hotel reservations.

    If you are a member of the Class as described above, your legal rights are affected, and you have a choice to make right now:

    MAKE A CASH ELECTION Participate in the Settlement. Receive a cash payment. Go to the Settlement Website at and complete a simple electronic form.
    RECEIVE EXPEDIA SETTLEMENT CREDIT Participate in the Settlement. Automatically receive Expedia Settlement Credit of approximately 2.17 times the amount you would receive in cash. Even if you choose to receive Expedia Settlement Credit, you are urged to go the Settlement Website at and answer a few simple questions to ensure that you receive all the Expedia Settlement Credit to which you are entitled.
    OBJECT TO THE SETTLEMENT Object to the Settlement or any of its terms, and urge that the Court not approve the Settlement. Appear at a Final Approval hearing on December 1, 2009. To object to the Settlement, to Plaintiffs’ Counsel’s request for attorneys’ fees and expenses of up to $10 million, or to incentive awards for the Named Plaintiffs (Michelle Huggins and Jose Alba), you must provide written objections to the Court, Plaintiffs’ Counsel, and Defense Counsel by November 11, 2009, consistent with the instructions in the Long Form Notice available at the Settlement Website,
    ASK TO BE EXCLUDED Get out of this lawsuit. Get no benefits from the Settlement. Keep rights. If you ask to be excluded or “opt out,” you will not share in the Settlement Benefits and you will not be permitted to object to the terms of the proposed Settlement. But, you will keep any rights you may have to sue Expedia separately for the same legal claims asserted in this lawsuit. To be excluded, you must return a completed “Opt-Out Form” with a postmark of no later than November 11, 2009. You can obtain an Opt-Out Form at the Settlement website,

    This is a Summary Notice. For further information about the proposed Settlement and this case, visit or call toll-free 1-866-291-7340. Para información en Español, favor de llamar al 1-866-291-7340 o visitar el sitio web:


    Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to this email.

  10. Athens Chris Says:

    I HATE EXPEDIA!!! They left me stranded in Athens after paying $1200 and did not pay Olympic for the ticket. I had to purchase a second set of tickets since they would not fix their mistake. It has now been two months since I have gotten back- Sent them my “refund” paperwork 3 times (they keep losing it). They lied to the better business bureau and tried to close out my complaint. They say it was Olympics fault but they can’t refund me till Olympic pays them. I have threatened to sue and still no help with the refund which they promised. STAY AWAY FROM EXPEDIA and HOTWIRE!!!!

    • Bashir Issa Says:

      Ouuuuurch !!! Expedia bit me, it hurts.

      In October last year, I bought 2 tickets to Touluse France from Expedia. It was a BA flight from Terminal 5 Heathrow. We were to fly 8am to have enough time to visit town and move on to carcassone where we were heading. BA sent me a text saying flight was cancelled, I flew after 8pm, arrived my destination by midnight, almost missed my hotel deadline, took expensive cab to reach the hotel and lost a day I planned to spend in Toulouse. Before that, I called BA because they gave ma number to call.

      When I spoke to them about my flight being cancelled, they said Oh!! you are Expedia client, call Expedia Bye bye !!!! Had I booked my flight with BA direct they would made better arrangements for me.

      With Expedia, as they always are; blamed BA and told me sorry, it is BA not us who did cancel the flight. I did not learn from that mistake, instead I booked again on November 2010 with Expedia for a flight taking me to the Red Sea via Doha Qatar. Ouch !!! Expedia bit me, it hurts.

      It is quite clear, we should never book a room or a flight with Expedia. We are better off (better served, better protected and better catered for) if deal directly with Airlines and Hotels. After all, you saving them big commission they would have paid to Expedia.

      Be smart next time round, don’t let Expedia bite you.

      • MINDY Says:


  11. Judie Magnuson Says:

    I was so sick my doctor said if I fly I could rupture an ear drum, I have been trying for 2 months to get my money back and they are telling me it will take up to 90 days to review the 4 lines from the doctor saying I couldn’t fly. This is ridiculous, I didn’t even want my money back just another flight. I will NEVER use Expedia again….

  12. Michelle Says:

    My husband and I have been planning a trip to Singapore for a couple of months. Today I decided to go ahead and book it. The price on my screen was 4500.00 for two weeks. This included my flight and hotel. This was my first time using expedia so I phoned in my credit card in case something went wrong. Seconds after pressing book, the operator mentions “thats a very expensive trip”. Even though my screen said 4500.00 my card was billed for 17,000.00 She was able to cancel everything for me but told me it would take 4-5 business days to get my money back. If I had simply booked through my computer I would be screwed. I had always thought that expedia had a good rep. now I know.

  13. Mike Says:

    We had a weather-related delay in our travel plans. We contacted teh Hotel and they were willing to re-book our stay. However, since we had booked through Expedia, they needed to change the reservation. Expedia agreed, if we were silling to pay a penalty that was total cost of ther reservation (338$) . I don’t know about you, but all that means to me is that Expedia would book us another room at a later date.

    The 10-20$ you might save with Expedia isn’t worth the total lack of customer servie.

  14. Kevin Says:

    I am never going to book a flight on expedia again. I had a flight booked from San Francisco to Ireland: United to NYC and Aer Lingus to Ireland. I tried to change the flight dates. Expedia said that because the booking was charged to Aer Lingus, I could only rebook on Aer Lingus and the only availability (9 months out) was a 4 stop flight! I spent three hours of my life on the phone with expedia.

    Lesson: Book direct with the airlines. I may cost a little more up front but if you need to change anything, it will save you much more in the end.

  15. Amy Says: has the worst customer service i’ve ever experienced. after my flight to las vegas was cancelled, i spent 6+ hours on the phone, was “disconnected” multiple times, told to call back rather than them issuing the refund right away, and they refused to put a supervisor on the phone. Finally the agent told me the refund was processed but 6 weeks later no refund.. so i call and they say it was in the “wrong department” before and they just processed the refund today. The credit “should” show up within 2 months. Do not use them ever… they are cheaper because they make it so difficult to get a refund most people probably just give up.

  16. Miguel Says:

    I agree with most I read here in this blog…
    Expedia sucks…
    I made a reservation from Santiago,Chile to Bangkok… paying $ 1.833
    after one week they changed the 1st flight reservation and I had to be 30 minutes on the phone, paying a normal international call rate… cause they didn’t accept a collect call and they changed to another flight departing 10 minutes later… isn’t hat absurd?
    then they changed that reservation 2 more times.
    People at the help desk don’t have any idea about flight reservations and they only repeat what is in your original reervation again and again…
    They changed the original flight departing Santiago, SCL to another departing GRU (Sao Paulo) then I decided to cancel the whole reservation.
    The charge at the credit card had been made by TAM, brazilian airlines, not by Expedia, so to have that reimbursement on my credit card took me hours at the phone, talking to perhaps asian people who didn’t really speak English…
    that was a nightmare…
    I also bought an Expedia insurance program, and of course, they didn’t make any refund on that…
    Never make a reservation at…!

  17. Andrew and Tammie Says:

    Expedia is the worst travel company we have ever used!!! we bought tickets from melbourne australia to Los Angeles and when we tried to get return fare they hung up on us 8 times, not to mention, the worst bit is, we finally purchased them, we wanted to return to sydney, they booked us into melbourne instead.. THE WORST BIT IS THEY STOLE OUR MONEY one of the Indians on the phone used our credit card to purchase themselves a flight from India to Las Vegas!!!!!!!! can u believe that??? yeah our banks fraud dept is still trying to figure it out…. You are going down expedia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jim Says:

    The people noting complaints above are being way too kind to Expedia. Even referring to “customer service” at Expedia is deceptive. It is the worst travel booking experience ever and the company buffers itself with call-in dleays and disconnects so that it is impossilbe to resolve problems and their errors.

  19. sodevine Says:

    This was my original entry, all the comments have been added since then:

    Please pass this on! I am writing a letter, but think you all should hear this!!

    Today I called Expedia to rebook a flight I xcld when I broke my arm in Xmas of 06. Originally I was told that I had one year to rebook the flight with United. When I tried to rebook my flight last December online I was unable to change my companion’s name.

    I called Expedia customer service and was told that I would need to call United directly to do that and “Roxanne” gave me United’s number AND told me I had 18 months to rebook my flight. NOT 12mnths. I was very glad, thanked her and said I would rebook in spring.

    Today I called United, no one had any access to my info, so they told me to call Expedia. Well, a customer service agent named Jude said unfortunately my airline voucher had EXPIRED in December. I said that when I spoke with Expedia in December they told me I had 18mnths from the original reservation. Of course the helpful “Roxanne” had never looked up my reservation, so there was no record. I knew I was screwed out of more than $500.00 I asked to file a complaint with a supervisor.

    This is where it gets worse.

    I was told it would be 30 minutes. I said that was fine. I was not angry at this point just pissed and wanted to make sure they told employees to look up the CORRECT date from now on (I know no one would ever hear about it, but I just wanted to make a complaint for my $500+) Jude put me on hold came back and said there were no supervisors available. I said I would wait. Then Jude puts me on hold again. He comes back onto the line and says there is nothing a supervisor can do.

    I repeated that I just want to file a complaint, he said to look up the customer service email. I said I wanted to wait and speak to a person. He then told me I COULD NOT speak to a supervisor. I NEVER have been told that!! I said that was ridiculous and (now I was irate) asked him S-L-O-W-L-Y if he knew what customer service was (he said yes) BUT INSISTED I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. I asked him if he was retarded. I actually said that. I know it is not very PC, but are you kidding??? So he said he was not retarded and put me on hold again.

    He came back on and offered me money toward next trip, I said I did not want the $25, but wanted to make a complaint to a supervisor.

    After some more holding he finally agreed to put me through to a supervisor, Corey Neuhofel. Corey gets on the line and before I can say anything, he says there is nothing he can do for me my airline tickets had expired. I said I was aware of this, but wanted to file a complaint about their customer service. First the girl Roxanne who made a mistake which cost me $500+ and now about Jude the retard.

    I said I had never in 30+ years been told I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR.


    I said he most certainly had.

    The supervisor said if Jude the retard had told me that- I wouldn’t be talking to him, and he was a supervisor.

    I said I most certainly had not made up the fact that his employee said I could not speak to a supervisor and it was only after I called Jude a retard and said I had worked at a toll free number-so I knew I COULD talk to the supervisor that I was offered money and finally a supervisor by Jude.

    The supervisor again insisted Jude hadn’t said that, otherwise I would not be speaking to him (the supervisor).

    I then asked where I could file a complaint because I was sooo livid. I said I had spent more than 30 minutes on the phone and it wasn’t about money (I knew I was screwed from the get-go) it was about customer service. The supervisor said it hadn’t been 30 minutes. I told him to check what time I had called. He came back on the line.

    He WAS right it was 50 minutes!!!!!


    Thanks guys,


  20. Jay Says:

    My experience with Expedia was so bad that I am too upset to even write it down.

    I just spent an hour and thirty minutes with them on the phone.

    They are the worse.

    Do not use Expedia under any circumstance.


  21. Adam Green Says:

    I can only echo the comments that I find on this site re: Customer service levels at Expedia. I’m not sure that they understand the meaning of customer service. The management team appear to be afraid of customer contact. How do businesses that demonstrate such a lack of commercial awareness survive in today’s competitive environment?

    I was on the phone for 1 hour with a simple query regarding a refund that I am expecting (and 12 weeks later still haven’t recieved!!!!). At one point I asked to speak to a manager and I was put on hold for 30 minutes with no apologies or explanantion during the wait. After this period I still didn’t get to speak to a manager! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that this is completely unnacceptable. And still NOTHING has been resolved

    Absolutely useless – beware those who part with money in relation to Expedia. If anything goes wrong you’ll struggle to get it back even if you’re legally entitled to it. Meanwhile they’ll continue to prosper from the interest your money is making them.


  22. Mathew Weber Says:

    While sitting on hold with expedia this morning I googled “expedia bad customer service” and found this site and a whole list of other sites with stories similar to what I was experiencing with them.

    After 3 hours they offered me three options that were more expensive then my original ticket. Basically they were penalizing for an errot they made which is an 11 hour layover after a 15 hour flight.

    They did offer me a $50 credit on expedia, but I said that would be like offering a vegetarian a gift card to Ruth Chris steak house because I will never be using them again.

    I’ll never use them again.

  23. Bashir Issa Says:

    Hi there,

    I bought a ticket from Expedia to fly with Qatar Airways. I cancelled as soon I heard Gatwick Airport will close from16th or 17th December 2010. Afrer one month and no refund, I phone them only to face total extreme of bad attitude, rudeness and arrogance. It takes 12 weeks, as they said up to 12 weeks to get a refund back.

    This is a procedure, it is clear act of wickedness to pocketpeople’s hard earned cash, trade with it, earn interest with it and tell them wait for 3 months.

    I am going to the county courts on Monday 10th Jan 2010 and sue Expedia to set a record straight. They think no one can challenge them. I will keep you informed with my result. I am sure I am getting my money back with interest.

    Expedia, I will never buy nothing from them anymore.

  24. Inking Stamp Says:

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  25. wendy Says:

    Still waiting for my refund and have made 10 telephone calls. The staff only seem to be able to do one thing, put you on hold.

    Wont be booking with expedia again, found a much cheaper website where the same holidays cost much less in the same hotels who offer really great service Best At Travel.

    • wendy Says:

      Expedia have now refunded me but sent it to my closed bank account and are unable to put it into the new one.

      I have to take time of work unpaid to go to my old bank to get the money I work 15 miles away from my town. Spent another 55 minutes once again being given the “script” speech from Expedia who after the lengthy call realised what they had done but told me to go myself to get the money.

      Another great customer service telephone call, trades descriptions should make them take off the wording on their website which states they give the best customer service, ha ha!

    • Bashir Issa Says:

      Which website? please share it with us.

  26. sodevine Says:

    Tips to fight Bad Customer Service are found at this link.
    by Liz Weston

    Exerpts from the article:
    Know Your Rights

    Sometimes companies get away with egregious behavior simply because their victims don’t know the law. It’s illegal, for example, for a company to knowingly report false credit information or for collection agencies to keep calling you after you’ve told them in writing to stop. Knowing the law, and letting the companies know you know, is sometimes effective in getting bad behavior to stop.

    If your complaint involves a contract, warranty or guarantee, read all the fine print that came with it. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to the remedies prescribed in these documents, but you should at least know what the company promised.

    Know What You Want

    Be clear in your mind and in all your communications with the company about what you want to happen. That way you won’t get sidetracked. After all, the customer service rep’s job, typically, is not to make you happy. It’s to get you off the phone.

    Remember: The Company’s Problems Are Not Yours

    Customer service reps love to tell you exactly why the company’s procedures don’t allow them to do what you need them to do. Guess what: You don’t have to care. How the company chooses to conduct its business is not your concern. What is your concern is getting your problem fixed, however the company ultimately decides to do it.

    Carve Out Some Time

    I’m convinced some companies try to wear you out with excessively long hold times. You can’t force them to pick up the phone, but you can fight back by outwaiting them. Get yourself a portable phone or, better yet, a portable with a headset. That way you can do other things to keep your sanity while waiting for the company to see reason.

    Get Names and Call-Back Numbers

    Sometimes you don’t have three hours in a row to spend on the phone. Rather than start over from the beginning each time you dial, make sure you know how to get back in touch with the people who handled your last call. Having a name and number also comes in handy when you get transferred into voice-mail hell or the phone simply goes dead — not that a customer service rep would ever, ever deliberately hang up on you. (Ahem, Sandy.)

    Take Notes

    I don’t know why, but reps are inordinately impressed when you can tell them exactly when you were told what by whom. These details can also help when you’re enlisting others to come to your aid.

    When in Doubt, Get It in Writing

    Consumer advocates usually recommend putting disputes in writing. The reality is that most problems get handled over the phone, and you don’t necessarily have to conduct business by snail mail. If the issue involves a lot of money, taxes, legal issues or your credit report, however, put everything in writing and send the letters by certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep a log of all your communications with the company and copies of every relevant piece of paper.

    Keep Moving Up the Ladder

    You probably know that if you can’t get what you want from a phone rep, you should ask to speak to a supervisor. But the folks with the real power may be several rungs up the ladder. If you strike out, try the company’s marketing or public relations division. A letter sent to the company’s president or CEO can often break through a logjam like nothing else. If a quick Google search doesn’t turn up the name and address, check the web site. Don’t fall for the customer service address that’s prominently listed; you want the address where the CEO actually does business. If it’s a publicly traded company, you’ll find that in its SEC filings in the “Investor Relations” tab.

    Social media may help you, or it may not. Social media expert Peter Shankman tells of the time he tried to get Delta’s attention about a travel problem with repeated tweets to @Delta, only to get a response (and an offer to help) from @SouthwestAir. At least somebody was monitoring Delta-related tweets on Twitter, he says — too bad it wasn’t Delta.


    If the company is violating the law, you may need to contact the appropriate regulator. You’ll need to do some research to find the right office (a Google search such as “Who regulates banks?” can get you started), but you can’t necessarily count on results.

    If you’re having a problem with the government itself, the ultimate resource may be your local, state or federal representative. Many lawmakers pride themselves on taking care of their constituents on this grassroots level.

    Then there’s always the option of alerting the media. If the company’s behavior has been particularly terrible or you think you might be part of a trend, you can seek out a sympathetic blogger or try contacting your local newspaper or television station to see if you can interest them in your plight.

    If nothing else works, you can always hire a lawyer. It’s not the easiest or most cost-effective way to get what you want, but sometimes it pays off. When a company is particularly entrenched in ignoring its consumers, sometimes that law firm letterhead is the only thing that will get their attention. For lawyers versed in consumer issues, visit the National Association of Consumer Attorneys at

  27. Bashir Issa Says:

    Journal Enty – Complaint Expedia/Qater Airways.

    I called Expedia today chasing refund (for money I paid for cancelled ticket back in December 2010). Again and as usual, I spoke with a female named Joan who gets paid to speak over Expedia customers, agressively rude and tells lots of rubbish, each I catch her with the usual Expedia tactics, she put me on hold pretends she is speaking to someone and throws unwanted, too late and fake aplogies.

    I did not call Expedia to offer an apology, I just asked my money back; money they had in the bank since November 2010.

    I found Joan’s tone very rude, unprofessional, not helping and argumental. This is not what one should expect from a Travel Company, whatever happen to Expedia; I am sure they are far the bacis of customer service by thousand miles.

    Knowing then so well, I simply asked Joan to pass me to a Manager. Mr Harding comes on the phone and repeats the same lies over and over to me. He did not listen to me, call was one way, him talkig me listening and I asked one thing, I asked to write all he said over the phone to mee (I nearly fall asleep).

    EXPEDIA EMAIL 09/02/11:

    Dear Bashir, Thank you for your recent e-mail to regarding your refund. try to refund accounts as quickly as possible, as we understand customers’ frustration in the length of time it can take for the refund to appear on your credit card statement. The time frame comes from the longest time Expedia have known a refund to take. This is due to Expedia having to follow the airlines refund procedures, as any deviation from this process would invalidate the refund completely. When you pay for a fare, the airline actually debit your card through and when Expedia apply for a refund, we must wait for the airline to authorise and process a refund back to us, before we can forward the refund to your card. You will recive your refund within 12 weeks from the date the refund was proccesed which was 15 dec 2010.

    Kind regards
    Gareths Harding

    *** Lies lies lies lies

    Expedia takes monet from clients, say £99 for a room in a hotel or £500 for a flight. The hotel or the airline then charge Expedia after flying the client or accommodating guest through Expedia Payment Point where by they upload invoices to Expedia, both Airlines and Hotels claim much less of what Expedia have charged, in short expedia keeps 20% sometimes upto 25% margin for each flight or Bedroom on a hotel reservation. On both transactions, passengers and guests will never have an invoice from Airline or a Hotel. The reason is CLEAR, it childs play.

    Expedia illegally keeps the money in their bank before flight and arrival date at a hotel. In time of refund, they also wish to keep the money for 12 weeks saying it is the airline they are waiting to pay to them so they can pay you. Is this not a day light robbery?

    So, it is better to book a room or flight directly with the Ariline or the hotel instead of of going through Expedia only to pay a big price.

  28. Bashir Issa Says:

    I write to Qatar Airways, this is what said today:


    Your request for a refund (request #4446) has been received, and is being actioned by our support team. We aim to get back to you within 2 business days.

    To make changes to the refund request or to add additional comments, follow the link below or simply reply to this email:

    no REGARDS, and no formal respect to customer.

  29. James Says:

    The BBB in Canada rates an F because of so many complaints. I had a travel insurance, airfare credit horror story that, more or less, turned out OK – because of the airline and not Expedia. If you’ve got time, read it at

  30. Jennifer Says:

    I used to like Expedia but not anymore. – WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER IF YOU HAVE TO CALL.

    I have been on the phone for 1 hour. All I wantedt to know if we could change the SUNWING flight and if there would be any fees.

    1st call: Sunwing Direct – they told me to call Expedia. okay fine.

    2nd call to EXPEDIA – they told me to contact SUNWING directly but I told Expedia CSR that SUNWING CSR told me to call the agent – EXPEDIA.He said that I could call them directly or he would call on my behal. I said, please call on my behalf. Got disconnected.

    3rd call to EXEPDIA – Got transferred to SUNWING, spoke to someone who was looking at my file – by then I was on hold for 17 minutes and then got disconnected.

    4th call to SUNWING – they couldn’t put me through to the same person that I was speaking to and suggested that I contact EXPEDIA.

    5th call to EXPEDIA – Advised that I got disconnected, and asked him to transfer me to SUNWING to see if I could change the reservations. He said he would transfer me but it was dead air for 10 minutes so I hung up.

    6th call to EXPEDIA – Advised that I wanted to change the reservations for SUNWING and got rerouted to JULIAN @ EXPEDIA and bless her sweetheart finally helped me out – only to tell me that SUNWING can not change the reservations if it was within 21 days of departure.

    What b.s. I read the fine print but when I booked the SUNWING package and knew that the refund/change of reservations may not be possible however, couldn’t someone just tell me on the phone on my FIRST CALL to EXPEDIA.

  31. Mary H. Brinson Says:

    In January, 2010, my father passed in Charlotte, NC. Because I reside in Fl., I chose to book a flight through Expedia to get to Charlotte to assist with his arrangements. It was snowing in the southeast, after waiting all day and half the night in the airport, my flight was canceled. The airlines promised to put me on a later flight (around midnight) to Baltimore, MD. and I would fly down to Charlotte the next morning. That flight was canceled. I have been attempting to get my refund since January. I have held the telephone for more than 3 hours, I have been promised on 3 occassions and 3 diffrent dates that my refund would be forthcoming. Today is July 20, 2011 and I have yet to get one cooper penny from Expedia. Never again will I book anything through them. Expedia and their customer service is the worse. They stole my money!

  32. e_ga Says:

    I have been waiting 2 months to get an invoice from Expedia to claim a reimbursement from my university. They cannot even make an invoice and keep saying that they are processing it! that is Expedia’s Customer Service. The worst ever. Expedia never more.

  33. Christopher Conner Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Expedia literally is the worst customer service I have ever experienced – I think I have spoken with half of the Indian population today and none of them seem to really care what’s happening with my trip. They will never get my business again.

  34. Stanley Says:

    I got double billed for a reservation (charges once by Expedia for the voucher and charged for the same amount directly by the hotel) so I called Expedia US Customer service several times. Their USA customer service (their call center has been outsourced to Central America!) never resolved this issue, so I had to spend several months fighting with Visa and finally won, no thanks to Expedia. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  35. Jimmy John Says:

    Expedia never again , Very Very Poor Customer Service after a mess up by Expedia Customer Service . Refused to take responsibility for wrong information on booking. I plan to send this matter to the Justice Department for action.

  36. Rae-Lynne Says:

    Awful, Awful customer service. I spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to reach someone who could comprehend and communicate in English well enough to answer a simple question before I booked.
    The support has been outsourced to Egypt and Philippines. As a result, I chose to NOT book with Expedia and made my reservations through a company that employs Canadians who can communicate effectively in my language of business..

  37. Ed Says:

    We have spent over two hours on hold with Expedia. They booked my wife on a flight back to the US via Vancouver Canada with a 1:15 minute connection. They sent an email saying urgent we must talk to you. They said she will never get through customs in time. This is true. But after an hour on hold they said nothing can be done. The next day they said they made a change but when we called again and wanted 1:30 hours more they said they did not and nothing can be done. Just miss the connection after 15 hours flying and then deal with it at the airport. This is their idea of customer service. It is your problem. Then today they send an email saying they were glad they could resolve the problem. Use anyone else. I also am bagging my Expedia credit card which is worthless in itself.

    We were talking to the call center in Cebu Philippines which is oddly where my wife will be flying to and from. There is no communication issue but they have to follow the script they are given and have no real power to change much.

  38. Juan Carlos Says:

    I am a new one to the list. I tried to cancel a flight one time that had many stops. Found it to be very troublesome with Expedia so I decided to let it go. Now, I am completely outraged. I wanted to change a flight that is in 6 weeks. Is a flight from Guayaquil to Peru. I called them 5 days after I bought the ticket that I needed to change it because the event I was going to has been postponed. I was surprise when they tell me it was not possible. When I asked why? They told me it was because it was a special fare. I told them that it was not logical, as my ticket was more expensive than the other tickets they were selling. Then they blame it on LAN Airline. I called LAN and they told me that they would gladly change me the ticket, but Expedia has them and they have not received the money yet. Finally, a representative of Expedia told me that I should use the ticker or lose it. I dont get it. Why is it so hard for them to change a ticket 6 weeks from now. I will even pay the penalty fee. After this, they are telling me that I can purchase another ticket and make two trips. Are they fucking serious? Why wouls I purchase again from them! I have been 3 hours with them on the phone, and they dont change my ticket.

  39. Says:

    I bought a trip to go to las Vegas with my husband. The rep made an error with my husbands last name and when I tried to correct it I was told that I have to Pay $50.00. Both our last names are the same. while they typed mine correctly , they made an error with my husbands. I have been on the phone for the last 4 hours trying to get this fixed. My god they are so lame. The rep was trying to tell me that maybe I do not know how to spell my name. Do not go through them. I also encountered another interesting situation. When I tried to book, the web site initially had a low price. when I called, they gave me a price of $300 more. when I refused to purchase I was put on hold and told that she was able to find another trip for the same day and same hotel for the original price. They are playing games. It is a very dishonourable company. RUN FROM EXPEDIA…..

  40. John Bass Says:

    My daughter is going overseas on a study trip. My wife booked her flights through to try to save some money. Now she is paying with time! They screwed up! My daughter got to the airport and Expedias confirmation was worthless! Thanks to the local agent she was able to book flights to her destination. My wife has been trying to get resolution now for OVER 4 hours now!!! Expedia has been trying to blame the airline. She found out that the airline notified Expedia and never got a call back. She has been on hold for hours just trying to get a hold of supervisors!! Expedia never again !! If I can keep several people from using them, especially ones who are think of using them, then we can get some resolution.

  41. Bash Says:

    This is ridiculous. A few weeks ago I booked a return flight from Kenya to Chicago to go and get married in the states!
    I later received an email saying that the last leg of my trip was cancelled – with no further explanation.
    My partner was booked on the same return flight, but he did not receive the cancellation email.
    I have been calling the Expedia number from Kenya… and have been given a million excuses.
    I was told the airline offices were not open and to call back during their office hours – which I did.
    I was told that they needed to speak to their supervisors, and that i had to wait 3 working days – I have waited about ten
    I called to follow up, I was told to wait another 3 days, during which i received an email from Expedia saying that they are so happy my problem was sorted out when i last called.
    I responded saying that my query had not been “addressed by telephone” and that the telephone conversation was basically me on hold for an hour waiting for someone to get back to me with a straight answer.
    I’m on the phone.. again!!! Waiting for this ridiculous waltz/line dancing music to end and for a real life human to respond to my real life inquiry.
    Dear Expedia… I would really like to make it to the states to marry the love of my life. Please would you kindly put your customer’s satisfaction (and rights) first… for just a moment.

  42. Alanna Says:

    A couple of days ago, I booked 3 flights from St. John’s, NL, Canada to NYC. I booked the wrong return date by 1 day. I realized my error the next morning and called Expedia. I wasn’t too concerned because my flights were booked on Air Canada which allows its customers to change their booking at no cost within 24 hours of the oringinal booking. I was informed by Expedia that I did not have the same privilages as other Air Canada travellers because I booked with Expedia. Not one of the MANY customer reps I spoke with could find any mention of this policy on their website. Further up the line a supervisor did refer to some legal jargon which did not relate to my situation but he felt covered their liability. Expedia requires a $600.00 penalty fee for not giving me the same rights as other members of the travelling public. People need to know that if they use Expedia, they are signing away their rights!! Do not use Expedia!!! it is way too risky!!

  43. Paris Azeem Says:

    Hi Dear friends can you tell me please?
    Is Expedia a legal company.
    Because i have booked my Airline ticket from Thailand to Jakarta by Malaysia Airline and i have received an email that my ticket is confirmed and i paid already but still i am scare that may be i have lost my money because i have no International Experince so please tell is every thing alright?

    • sodevine Says:

      Yes they are a real company. They have a history of really poor customer service. You should be okay as long as you don’t have to change anything (like a travel date) or speak to a customer service agent with Expedia. You can call the airlines in a few days and make sure they have your reservation. But please read some of the stories below of international travel problems. Good luck!

  44. tori Says:

    When you call to book they are all willing to help, but when it comes
    down to emergences they treat you like shit and do not help at all.

  45. James Says:

    Expedia customer support is extremely bad. You are basically gambling when you plan a trip with this company. If you’re fortunate and don’t need customer service after the purchase then consider yourself lucky. If additional questions and services are needed after the purchase you are screwed. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  46. Andreas Moser Says:

    Cut out the middleman.
    Always book directly with the airline and the hotel. They will treat you much nicer and can’t send you back to the middleman.

  47. arc Says:

    expedia doesnt want me to publish realistic review of their terrible hotel. do not trust their website

  48. Ralph T Says:

    Wow these people are the worst. After many attempts to get a price gaurentee rebate they convienently then lost it.There customer service line people dont seem to listen and read off of a premade list for thier answers. Then after they have run you around they,r just like the rest of you the cold shoulder. It will be a long time before I deal with these guys. Be careful they sure can ruin a vacation.

  49. DB@YAHOO.COM Says:

    Primary contact

    Tucker Moodey
    Senior vice president, customer operations
    (425) 679-7200

    Chief executive (*)

    Dara Khosrowshahi
    Chief executive officer
    (425) 679-7200

  50. Seattler Says:

    Poor customer service by hanging up the phone? What’s up with Expedia?

    I was talking to the supervisor on a $20 dispute and she kept saying I didn’t understand how Expedia’s business model work. I responded by saying her reasoning was based on on assumption and once she heard that, she hung up.

    I have been using Expedia for years and today will marked the last day for me as their customer. I found that you really don’t save much (if there is any) by using Expedia, better go to the hotel site directly. At least you will get a friendly person on the line to help you out.

  51. Donna proudfoot Says:

    We are currently in a hotel in Oakland. We have been kept awake all night by train horns. After 24 hours travel with no sleep my husband called expedia to explain our concerns within 1 hour of arrival and asked for a call back at 8am local time. At 9am we called them and spoke to a manager – the call had been logged but they acknowledged they had not called us back. They promised us they would ring back after 30mins. 90 minutes later they had not called us and we rang again. They denied all knowledge of the call. In the interim we booked alternative accommodation ourselves and are checking out. We are awaiting call 3 about our refund. I wait with baited breath……

  52. Jamie Knight Says:

    Never again travel with Expedia…!
    I had booked at trip to Monterey Califonria from Syracuse. The trip down was fine, and the trip back were we issued tickets from Monterey to LAX, LAX to JFK, and JFK to Syracuse.. as reflected by our itinerary. We arrived in JFK and literally had to run from one terminal to get to another, because we only had one hour between flights. After arriving in terminal four, the line up to go through customs (yet again) delayed us. We made it to the gate just as the plane was leaving.
    We had to book a separate flight through a different airline to get home.
    Once home, I found Expedia had emailed a change in the flights home indicating we were suppose to fly out of LaGuardia airport.
    I called Exxpedia and asked for a refund, as they had booked a flight with no reasonableexpectation for making to the gate in time to catch our plane home. They said that we were suppose tofly out of LaGuardia, and even though I stated, the old itinerary must have been active (not cancelled) because the airport issued tickets home based on our old itinerary. The change in home bound itinerary was issued six days earlier, so no change had been made… tickets were issued confirming the old itinerary.
    I asked why Expedia would book flights knowing customers could not effective make connections. They said it was a legitimate connection, and refused any compensation.
    I explained that their changes were not effectively enforced because tickets were issued based on the old itinerary, and they were ultimately responsible for booking flights that connects could not be made. Even TSA and Delta reps said that any traveller would require at least an hour and a hlaf to get from one terminal to the other to make their connects. Funny that Expedia would not know this!!!
    As a result, the additional costs incurred by us amounted to $450.00, for which expedia does not feel responsible.
    The customer service rep was not helpful and dispelled any responsibility or concern for a loyal customer.
    Unfortunately, they have lost a valuable customer who travelled at least 10 trips in the past five years!
    Never again….

  53. Annemarie Goss Says:

    Booked with Expedia. The booking person in India mis-spelt my email, mis-spelt my travelling companions Christian name for the flights and they charged me to change it. After a week, they still haven’t been able to send me the confirmation itinery because they mis-spelt my email address. – So no confirmation for my accommodation and ground transport in Singapore. But they have taken my money. Angry, disappointed and will be taking further action. – Annemarie

  54. ximena Says:

    Does someone know what further actions can I take if expedia refuses refund my money even when the accepted that I didn’t receive the serviced I paid for? What authorities monitor Expedia activities?

  55. Says:

    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am
    impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care
    for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  56. Deb Says:

    Worst experience ever!!! They claim they don’t work ‘for’ Expedia but ‘with’. Got a coupon to use for another crappy experience and the hotel is still #1 on the list. They don’t listen. Boo!

  57. Adelina Thomas Says:

    Indeed worse customer service with Expedia. After booking, paying the flight months ahead, it happens that the connecting flight is changed 24 hours later than initially planned a week before departure. Called way too many times to find a better alternative since I’m travelling with 2 small children and the amount of time I’ve been placed on hold it’s ridiculous. After getting disconnected several times, I asked the agent to take my phone # to call me back….which should have been the first thing they should have asked for when picked up the phone. That didn’t make any difference, as even when they “promised” to call back, no one reached out to me. I still did not get an alternative flight and I’m hoping that a manager that I finally spoke with today would be able to help. I will know for sure that I won’t ever book again with Expedia…

  58. Fee Stubblefield Says:

    Friends, Please do not uses Expedia. I have been an preferred Member for years. We travel a lot an always used Expedia. When they booked a recent international trip they made a huge mistake and booked my return flight from Buenos Aires the day before my connecting flight. Dave and I where stranded with an impending national airline strike. Their agent told us to just get out of town and deal with Expedia later….that has not worked. I spent $12,000, getting back. Now after four months of arguing indisputable facts they have chosen to do nothing. Expedia is a clear example of taking advantage of customers. It is the worst customers service imaginable. They cannot be trusted.

  59. John Says:

    I agree, Expedia are terrible. Poor response to my on-going complaint and still not solved since August 2015… I’m considering legal action. Great website, easy to use, they take your money and that’s the end of it… If you want complain or ask for their support good luck with that, they just disappear after taking your money…

  60. John Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a governing body responsible for Expedia (should be renamed Crapedia!)?

  61. Jorge Pinto (@jpintobks) Says:

    The persons that answer complaints are nice courteous and willing to help. The problem is the system that make customers repeat call and the same procedures, same questions without a solution for a refund of a car insurance that was not used. Misleading borderline was dishonest. To be avoided, savings a minimum and service terrible

  62. Jane Zimba Says:

    Booked travel in August and Expedia entered wrong passport number. Only found out when I tried to do flight check-in. Airline said only Expedia could change it — Expedia said they couldn’t — called airline and had me in a panic for an hour because was told could try at airport tomorrow morning, but airline could make no guarantee. Escalated the issue, on hold for 30 minutes waiting. Woman finally comes on — puts me on hold again, and then said she’d try to change the passport number — she was successful and I was able to check in. Meanwhile wasted 2 hours on their mistake. Never used them before and never will again — they “don’t compensate for my time and angst” — but if I’d missed my flight, they would have gotten me on another one. Thanks, but not thanks.

  63. Dr. Michael Hacker Says:

    I must agree. The customer service staff is poorly trained and not oriented toward customer satisfaction. This won’t happen again to me as I will never again use Expedia for a booking. Not worth the meager savings.

  64. Rebecca Says:

    I have had a terrible experience with Expedia. It has been since Sunday December 20th that I am still waiting to have this resolved. I made a booking on December 19th 2015 for a 14 person chalet in Blue Mountain for New Year’s Eve. I received a confirmation email from Expedia confirming that my booking has been made. On the morning on December 20th I received an email from reservations services at Expedia that the hotel cannot accommodate my booking. I had called the phone number provided and the gentleman indicated that the chalet was double-booked. They offered to find me another accommodation and cover the price difference due to their error. I spent over 1 hour on the phone with him looking for another location without success. I had decided to call the chalet directly and ask about the problem. To my surprise the hotel was not double booked as indicated by the Expedia employee.
    Expedia had made a mistake on their part and had allowed me to book the chalet for 1 night when the chalet’s required booking is 3 nights over the holidays. Upon hearing this I quickly called Expedia back to have this resolved. 7 hours later on December 20th and the issue was not resolved. I have spoken to the reservations department, the supervisor Vin and Ann as well as Rena in corporate among many reservation associates who have been less than helpful in resolving this.
    My legal representation and I called on Monday and we were given the same run around. No one from Expedia called us back as we were told. I went home Monday night and called Expedia and spoke to Julie who provided me in writing that they would pay for the two additional nights that the hotel requires. She told me to call back during Canadian business hours on Tuesday so their representatives could contact the chalet manager.
    I called back on Tuesday and received nothing but terrible customer service. My calls were rudely disconnected numerous times by the staff in the reservations department; I was placed on hold for hours once again without any resolution by Expedia. I was encouraged to simply cancel the reservations; I was even sent a cancellation email without consent. I have been faced with the utmost ridiculous customer service. Expedia has acknowledged their mistake verbally and in writing; however, the resolution has yet to be met. In no way is this issue my fault and I do not feel as though 14 people should be penalized on New Year’s Eve for a mistake made by Expedia. I am still waiting to hear back from the supervisor Bobby in the Reservations Department; however, I am not holding my breath to hear from him.
    I would appreciate that this issue is resolved as soon as possible and that I am compensated for the issues and time lost that I have had to deal with. I will continue to escalate this issue with Expedia and through the media until it is resolved even if it requires legal action.

  65. John Says:

    Sorry to say, I will never trust Expedia again…

  66. Alex Morris Says:

    Expedia are not worth the pain! Whenever you need to contact Customer services it takes ages to get through then you get passed from pillar to post and it is always impossible to get the problems resolved. They do not respond to email. The do not stick to agreed time-scales of refunds and generally are the worst company that I have ever dealt with! Book with someone else!

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