Bad Customer Service-Expedia « Bad Customer Service-Expedia is the worst

April 17, 2008

Bad Customer Service-Expedia « Bad Customer Service-Expedia is the worst

It is so bad it is funny.


Bad Customer Service-Expedia

April 17, 2008

Please pass this on! I am writing a letter, but think you all should hear this!!

 Today I called Expedia to rebook a flight I xcld when I broke my arm in Xmas of 06. Originally I was told that I had one year to rebook the flight with United. When I tried to rebook my flight last December online I was unable to change my companion’s name.

 I called Expedia customer service and was told that I would need to call United directly to do that and “Roxanne” gave me United’s number AND told me I had 18 months to rebook my flight. NOT 12mnths. I was very glad, thanked her and said I would rebook in spring.

 Today I called United, no one had any access to my info, so they told me to call Expedia. Well, a customer service agent named Jude said unfortunately my airline voucher had EXPIRED in December. I said that when I spoke with Expedia in December they told me I had 18mnths from the original reservation. Of course the helpful “Roxanne” had never looked up my reservation, so there was no record. I knew I was screwed out of more than $500.00 I asked to file a complaint with a supervisor.

 This is where it gets worse.

 I was told it would be 30 minutes. I said that was fine. I was not angry at this point just pissed and wanted to make sure they told employees to look up the CORRECT date from now on (I know no one would ever hear about it, but I just wanted to make a complaint for my $500+) Jude put me on hold came back and said there were no supervisors available. I said I would wait. Then Jude puts me on hold again. He comes back onto the line and says there is nothing a supervisor can do.

  I repeated that I just want to file a complaint,  he said to look up the customer service email. I said I wanted to wait and speak to a person. He then told me I COULD NOT speak to a supervisor. I NEVER have been told that!! I said that was ridiculous and (now I was irate) asked him S-L-O-W-L-Y if he knew what customer service was (he said yes) BUT INSISTED I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR. I asked him if he was retarded. I actually said that. I know it is not very PC, but are you kidding???  So he said he was not retarded and put me on hold again.

  He came back on and offered me money toward next trip, I said I did not want the $25, but wanted to make a complaint to a supervisor.

 After some more holding he finally agreed to put me through to a supervisor, Corey Neuhofel. Corey gets on the line and before I can say anything, he says there is nothing he can do for me my airline tickets had expired. I said I was aware of this, but wanted to file a complaint about their customer service. First the girl Roxanne who made a mistake which cost me $500+ and now about Jude the retard.

 I said I had never in 30+ years been told I COULD NOT SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR.


 I said he most certainly had.

 The supervisor said if Jude the retard had told me that- I wouldn’t be talking to him, and he was a supervisor.

 I said I most certainly had not made up the fact that his employee said I could not speak to a supervisor and it was only after I called Jude a retard and said I had worked at a toll free number-so I knew I COULD talk to the supervisor that I was offered money and finally a supervisor by Jude.

 The supervisor again insisted Jude hadn’t said that, otherwise I would not be speaking to him (the supervisor).

 I then asked where I could file a complaint because I was sooo livid. I said I had spent more than 30 minutes on the phone and it wasn’t about money (I knew I was screwed from the get-go) it was about customer service. The supervisor said it hadn’t been 30 minutes. I told him to check what time I had called. He came back on the line.

 He WAS right it was 50 minutes!!!!!


 Thanks guys,